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Shot blasting machine accessories

shot blasting machine


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Shot blasting machine accessories

impeller head

impeller head

Impelle head is the key part of the shot blasting machine.
It  is mainly composed of the welding casing, top cover, impeller (single or double impeller),blade (straight blade or curved blade ) , (impeller with blades is called the impeller body), dividing wheel, directional cover,principal axis, tube for grit coming and other major parts. Impeller head and dividing wheel fixed on the principal axis will rotating together with the impeller.The directional cover is fixed on the cover body. If move  the directional cover,then can change the throwing direction of grits. The directional cover' angle can control the radial scattering angle size of grits throwing.It is generally about 60 °.
As per the turning of impeller head,impeller head can be divided into two kinds: one kind of straight association-like for motor, this kind of impeller head has no bearing block.The motor is directly connected to the impeller head.Its advantage is compact structure, and is suitable for the occasion of smaller installation space. Another is belt drive type, this impeller head has bearing block. Its motor is connected to the impeller by V belt .The diameter of the motor  is larger than the impeller head so that to  drive in high speed.
 Convenient operation and easy to installing:  the impeller head with straight blades: The blades are inserted from impeller body center .When it works, the blades are fixed by the  centrifugal force without any fixed device. Unloading the eight blades need only 10 to 20 minutes.

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